The purpose of LeadAR is to develop emerging leaders into a network of skilled individuals to strengthen Arkansas communities.

LeadAR will provide you with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of public issues and develop the skills needed to address critical problems facing Arkansas communities. Over the course of this intensive program, you will be immersed in an array of topics including leadership theory, effective communication, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, emerging technology, and complex social and cultural issues. These focus areas are designed to contribute to economic and community growth within our state. Through dynamic workshops, case studies, experiential learning, individualized coaching, group collaboration, and much more, you will acquire tools needed to enhance your leadership skills and heighten your overall personal, community, and organizational success.

Objectives for the LeadAR Program 

  • Prepare emerging leaders to assume greater leadership responsibilities in their organizations, industries, and communities.
  • Provide participants with current information and diverse perspectives to analyze complex cultural and economic issues facing individuals and rural and urban communities.
  • Support development of enhanced interpersonal skills for participants to foster a deeper understanding of people – themselves, fellow citizens and their environment.
  • Deepen participants’ understanding of social, economic and political systems in which people function and how to work within these systems to effectively bring about change.
  • Increase participants’ awareness and knowledge of emerging issues facing Arkansas’ major industries.  
  • Develop participants’ critical thinking and decision-making skills to support optimal public policy development.
  • Increase collaboration between rural and urban leadership to solve problems in their organizations, industries, and communities.

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