Working knowledge of Gerontology  is important because Arkansas' seventy-five counties each include diverse populations of senior adults whose needs change and whose numbers increase each year. Introduction to Gerontology will look at the biological and psychological effects of aging as well as how the aging of the U.S. population impacts our social, health care, and political systems.

Target: The general public with senior or elderly parents and those who work with older adults.
Content: This course will present an overview of the risks faced by seniors for mental health and suicide instances, and it will offer practical ideas for mitigating and for dealing with those risks.
Contact(s): Michael Anders, (501) 671-2108 or (501) 680-4513 cell

This course features a "train the trainer" video for those who will facilitate the How to Talk to Your Doctor session. The course describes how to work with limited literacy audiences, reviews session components, and models on how to conduct the session. 
Instructor: Dr. Laura Hendrix,, (501) 671-5807
Technical Support: UADA, Information Technology Department, , (501) 671-2130

Estimated Completion Time: 40 Minutes