Course Description: The Arkansas Watershed Stewards Program is statewide educational program developed by Extension and partnering agencies and organizations, and funded by the Arkansas Natural Resources Division and EPA to: 1) Increase public awareness and knowledge of local watersheds, water issues, and available resources 2) Increase watershed leadership in communities 3) Motivate stakeholders to get involved in local watershed efforts 4) Improve and protect quality of local water resources.

Course Contact: John Pennington

Target Audience: New employees of Northwest Arkansas cities
Content: This course is designed to assist the learner in understanding urban stormwater. Course objectives include understanding the definition of urban stormwater, identifying the meaning of the acronym MS4, learning whose responsibility it is to implement the MS4 program, and understanding good housekeeping as it pertains to stormwater management. 
Format: Online
Contact(s): Jane Maginot; Email:; Phone: (479) 444-1755